• Gov. says no to funding for cross-Florida bike, pedestrian trail


    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Gov. Rick Scott has shot down funding for what would've been Florida's longest pedestrian trail. The project had the blessing of the Senate and was included in the budget.

    Siejwart Mayr rides his bike and walks central Florida's trails with his family, sometimes up to 15 miles at a time.

    "I know they've been slowly building up trails and I'm glad for that," said Mayr.

    Mayr said he's disappointed that Scott vetoed money for the plan that would have given him more room to roam.

    "We were already looking at the plans for it and we were hoping they would approve something like that," said Mayr.

    The trail plan would have included $50 million in the state budget to pave gaps between some of Florida's existing trails. It would've created a continuous 275-mile trail from St. Petersburg to Titusville.

    "It's a cool idea. You have guys on the weekends come through here riding bikes in groups from destination to destination," said resident Charlie Young.

    Seminole County would have had the smallest gap  -- two miles to be paved.

    $875,000 would have gone to complete parts of the Rinehart Trail and extend the Seminole-Wekiva Trail, where Mayr takes his family.

    A 30-mile gap in Lake, Sumter and two other counties would have cost almost $19 million to complete.

    Scott said the money should be coming from the Department of Transportation, not the legislature.

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