Health officials encouraging multigenerational families to wear masks in home

VIDEO: Health officials encouraging multigenerational families to wear masks at homes

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — People can be found wearing masks in stores and restaurants. But now White House officials say people should consider wearing them at home, especially those who live in a multigenerational home.

Dr. Deborah Birx, White House coronavirus response coordinator, said Monday that those who live in multigenerational homes should “really consider wearing a mask at home.”


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Stephanie Laureano lives with her 24-year-old niece who has asthma. She said the family does not wear a mask.

“I actually don’t believe in masks, and I’m a registered nurse,” Laureano said.

Edgar Aguirre lives with his 70-year-old mom, but also said he will not wear a mask because they “are never next to each other.”

Orange County is approaching 30,000 COVID-19 cases. On June 1, there were about 3,000.

Orange County health officer Dr. Raul Pino said multigenerational families are a big contributor to the spread of COVID-19 in Orange County.

“Inside the home when interacting, elderly people with preexisting conditions should be protected,” he said.

So far, 239 people in Orange County have died of COVID-19. Most of those people were 65 years and older.

Pino tracks which underlying health conditions may have contributed to those deaths. He found 75% of the people who died suffered from hypertension, and cardiac disease was associated with 65% of the deaths. Diabetes was linked to 51%, and chronic lung disease was linked to 24%.

Data also shows that 3% of people reported no underlying medical conditions.

Laureano said, “The majority of us need to get exposed to the virus so that we can develop the antibodies and I think that’s going to be the way that we’re going to subside the virus.”

Pino said today fewer people are going to the emergency room with COVID-19 symptoms, and related hospitalizations are also down.