• High-tech skimmer found on Lake Mary Publix ATM


    LAKE MARY, Fla. - Lake Mary police were called to a local Publix store after yet another skimming device was found on an ATM Saturday.

    Police said the skimmer was found at the Publix store on Rinehart Road after an employee noticed something wasn't right.

    Surveillance video shows a man putting the high-tech device on the ATM. It's different than typical skimmers and actually sends the information directly to the thieves.

    "It's placed over the machine and it kind of fits like Legos would," said Zach Hudson of the Lake Mary Police Department.

    Detectives said when unsuspecting customers swiped their cards, their account numbers and personal identification numbers were sent to directly to the man, who police believe was parked nearby.

    Police said the device had a short-range signal that allowed the man to retrieve all the victims' information sent directly to his laptop.

    Police said the device was only up for four hours but during that time, police said a number of people used the ATM.

    So far, no victims have come forward. Police said they have never seen a device like the one used Saturday, which leads them to believe the thief has taken the crime to a whole new level.

    Police said make sure you check out ATMs before you use them. If something doesn't look right, don't chance it.

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    High-tech skimmer found on Lake Mary Publix ATM