• Historic train begins moves to make way for SunRail


    ORLANDO, Fla.,None - The first piece of the historic Church Street train in downtown Orlando is on the move Wednesday afternoon.

    The train is being taken one car at a time to a museum near Tampa.

    The move will make way for a new stop for the SunRail commuter rail line, officials said.

    Each car will take three days to move, and that's the case for each of the four sections.

     Officials said one is already gone, but the engine will prove to be the most challenging.

    The Orange Blossom Special took to the streets headed to its new home at the Florida Railroad Museum.

    "Are you excited to watch this?" WFTV reporter Steve Barrett asked.

    "Oh yeah, we're grateful to the city for picking us," said Jim Herron of the Florida Railroad Museum.

    The job is far from complete. Most of the famed train remains on its tracks where it's been for decades.

    A contractor that normally moves houses has taken on the locomotive with plans to move four pieces, one at a time, to Parrish Florida near Bradenton.

    "Being downtown Orlando is the biggest challenge, right next to where the Magic plays and all it's a challenge," said contractor Brett Johnson.

    The first section, a sleeper car, was rounding corners downtown before rush hour began.

    The train wheels were removed and replaced by rubber.

    It's the same process the moving contractor will use for each piece, even the super heavy Orange Blossom Special engine that will also be gone in about two weeks.

    "It's going to be more challenging, it's heavier, and we'll have to ad more dollies more axles," said Johnson. 

    The city gave the train away and is footing the bill of $160,000 to move it.

    "Probably the most famous train in Florida ever, so it's a great find to get that car," said Herron.

    Officials said the move will all be complete in about two weeks.

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