Hundreds of thousands of bees spill onto Lake County road

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. — A truck hauling hundreds of thousands of bees crashed Wednesday morning along State Road 46 and County Road 46A.

The driver was heading from a bee farm in Lake County to South Florida when the truck crashed, witnesses said.

The driver was carrying 100 beehive boxes, and 50 of the boxes spilled onto the road. Each box carries 20,000 bees.

Some volunteer beekeepers showed up at the crash to help collect the bees and safely remove them.

A handful of beehives remained at the intersection until the sun goes down so any remaining bees can return to the hives.

The bees were upset by the crash and have become aggressive, beekeeper Keith Seifert told Channel 9's Racquel Asa.

The recovered hives will be placed about two miles from the crash scene for a few days so bees that wandered off have a chance to return, Seifert said.