• Killer in 2004 Xbox murders wants death sentence thrown out


    DELAND, Fla.,None - It was one of Central Florida' most brutal crimes.  Six people were beaten to death over an Xbox in a Deltona home in 2004, and now one of the killers wants his death sentence tossed out.

    Jerone Hunter said that he didn't get a fair trial.

    Hunter was sentenced to death, along with ringleader Troy Victorino.

    Hunter was in court on Tuesday in front of his family, as his attorney tried to raise doubt about whether he was ever competent to stand trial for the murders of six people.

    WFTV stopped by the home where it happened and met Maria Rivera who rents the property. Rivera said she tried to forget about the murders.

    "I don't think because God is with me," Rivera said.

    For others, it's hard to forget the six people who were bludgeoned to death by baseball bats and then mutilated.

    Court records show that's why Victorino planned the mass murder with the help of Hunter, Michael Salas, and Robert Cannon.

    "It was real sad because we never thought something like that would happen in the neighborhood, but it happened," Rivera said.

    Salas and Cannon were sentenced to life in prison. Victorino, along with Hunter, were sentenced to death.

    The judge still has to hear from more witnesses. He'll decide whether Hunter's death penalty stands later this month. Victorino is also appealing his death sentence.

    In 2009, Victorino claimed mistakes were made at his trial and he appealed to the state Supreme Court. However, the court upheld the sentence.

    Victorino is due back in court for another appeal in December.

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