LA Fitness in Hunters Creek tests positive for Legionella

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — At least one of the Central Florida LA Fitness gyms the state health department linked to four cases of Legionnaires’ disease tested positive for Legionella bacteria.

The Orange County Health Department reported that multiple samples from the LA Fitness at Hunters Creek came back positive.

Officials are still waiting to get the results from the LA Fitness in Metro West.

Legionella can cause two illnesses, including Legionnaires' disease, which is a rare but serious form of pneumonia.

People can get sick when they come in contact with contaminated water particles.

LA Fitness member Laura Castillo said she didn’t use the spa or showers after learning the health department linked her gym to the disease.

“I kind of freaked out, but this has always been pretty clean,” she said. “I just want them to take every precaution they can to prevent this from happening again.”

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Kent Donahue, with the Orange County Department of Health, said the agency does not require the facility to shut down completely.

“Our epidemology staff has recommended to the LA Fitness in Hunters Creek to work with a water company to address the possible issues they have there,” he said.

LA Fitness reports it ensured the showers and the pool were closed off to guests before the positive results came back.

A water treatment company has deep cleaned the spa and shower areas.

In Orange County, LA Fitness gyms were also linked to the disease in 2008 and 2010.