Eustis police: Elderly man, arrested for stalking teen Publix employee, visited store so often that workers had code word for him

A 71-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly stalked a teenage girl and appeared at her workplace multiple times over the course of the past year, .

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. — A 71-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly stalked a teenage girl and appeared at her workplace multiple times in the past year.

The Eustis Police Department obtained an arrest warrant for Larry Yennior after an investigation into his behavior revealed a history of inappropriate conduct toward the victim, according to police.

According to investigators, Yennior met the girl at her workplace, the Publix in the 2800 block of David Walker Drive, when he asked her for help finding something.

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Police said, after that interaction, Yennior became obsessed with the teen, and would then go to the store and purchase insignificant items just so that he could go through her checkout lane and interact with the victim while she worked, and also try to talk with her outside.

At one point, police said Yennior asked the girl if her father would be upset if she had a relationship with him and would ask other employees about her whereabouts if he couldn’t locate her in the store, according to an arrest report.

He also asked for her phone number and tried to obtain her work schedule, police said.

Police said that all of the store’s employee soon knew of the situation and would warn the victim when Yennior came into the store by using a code word over the intercom system so the victim could hide.

The victim eventually tried to file an injunction to keep Yennior at least 20 feet away from her for six months. Yennior then stated at a hearing that the victim really wanted to be with him, and that she was only denying him because of her mother, according to an arrest report.

The court then reissued an injunction for Yennior to stay away from the victim for four years.

The victim stated that when she left the courthouse that day, Yennior was with two large men in the parking lot and tried to intimidate her.

The investigation into Yennior’s behavior remains ongoing. Officials said he has prior involvement with law enforcement for stalking, but had no criminal record.

Officers say the teen may not be the only victim. They are encouraging any other potential victims to come forward and contact the Eustis Police Department.