• Guest captures video of large fish tank breaking inside Downtown Disney restaurant


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Cellphone video was taken of a large fish tank that broke at the T-REX Cafe at Downtown Disney Monday evening, while guests were enjoying dinner.

    The large cylinder-shaped aquarium appeared to have cracked open down the side, causing water to gush out into the restaurant. Restaurant employees can be seen shuffling guests away from the area.

    Local aquarium builder and owner of Looking Glass Aquarium, Bill Hamel, watched the cellphone video that was captured by a witness.

    "A lot of people when they make a cyclinder, they'll take two half circles and glue them together," Hamel said. "You can tell that's a seam that has popped based on how narrow the water is that's shooting out."

    Hammel said that over time, weak spots become vulnerable under the water's pressure. That's why he said seamless tanks are ideal.

    "I've seen that happen quite a bit with cylinder tanks," Hamel said.

    The guest who recorded the video said the fish tank broke while several people were eating dinner nearby.

    It's unclear what caused to fish tank to break.

    T-Rex Cafe is owned by a company named Landry's out of Houston. WFTV has reached out to Landry's and Disney officials for more details about the incident, but has not heard back yet.

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