• Man accused in purse snatching at Florida Mall arrested


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Authorities said Friday they caught a man who was going from parking lot to parking lot at local shopping malls, stealing purses and even dragging a woman.

    Investigators believe Oscar Villagran hit at least two different malls in two days this week.

    They said Villagran could be behind other robberies, and are still tracking down possible victims.

    Women who were just walking through a parking lot were ambushed.

    Authorities said the violent robberies have been playing out in parking lots at malls all over Orlando.

    Some victims were left bruised and bloodied after refusing to give up without a struggle.

    The latest happened at the Florida Mall in broad daylight Thursday.

    The victim said she was walking into the mall when a man drove up behind her.

    Authorities said he didn't even get out of the car. He quickly drove up next to his victim and tried to snatch her purse, and authorities said when she wouldn't let go, he dragged her through the parking lot until the purse snapped.

    The man got away, but the woman got a look at the pickup truck he was driving.

    Deputies learned he is a suspect in a similar robbery at another local mall this week.

    Cameras there captured a license plate, and authorities were able to track down Villagran and arrest him.

    Shoppers were horrified.

    "People are getting desperate for money, it's just said," said shopper Brie Caudle.

    Court records show Villagran has a long criminal history and was the man behind another purse snatching in 2008.

    Friday, Villagran is behind bars without bond.

    One shopper who did not want to be identified said that's great.

    "That's good, another criminal off the streets," the shopper said.

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