• Man accused of helping inmates in prison escape case enters plea


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - WFTV reporter Kathi Belich was there when one of the defendants in the state prison escape case entered a plea Thursday.

    Terrance Goodman was arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit escape and harboring escaped prisoners, Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker. Goodman is out on bail.     

    Investigators said Jenkins and Walker used forged court orders to get out of their life prison sentences and enabling them to be released.

    Goodman is accused of being one of the people on the outside who helped Jenkins and Walker in their scheme.

    But Goodman denied knowing about the case even though court records show he gave an extensive statement to investigators about other accused key players in the escapes.

    Goodman was in an Orange County courtroom Thursday without a lawyer and entered a not-guilty plea.

    Officials said Goodman knew both men who were in the Franklin Correctional Institution.

    Goodman was released two years before their escape. Goodman served time on a third-degree murder charge.

    Goodman, who is from Panama City, is accused of helping the two Orange County killers get the Panama City motel room where they were caught.

    Belich talked to him as he left the courtroom and asked, "Can you tell me what those guys were planning to do?"

    "I don't. I don't know what you're talking about," Goodman said.

    Investigators said Goodman drove the prison escapees around and to the Panama City motel to help them hide out.

    "You're charged with helping the prison escapees get a motel room," said Belich.

    "Right. That's what I'm charged with. I didn't say I did that," he replied.

    "Oh. OK, alright. What do you have to say about that? That you're accused of that?" she asked.

    "I plead the fifth," said Goodman.

    Goodman told the judge Thursday he cannot afford to pay a lawyer, so he will get a public defender.

    At least three of the other defendants also have public defenders.

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    Man accused of helping inmates in prison escape case enters plea