• Man accused of making, selling pills containing Molly, cocaine


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A SWAT team raided an Orange County neighborhood on Wednesday and arrested a self-proclaimed YouTube rapper accused of making and selling fake prescription pills.

    MBI agents said Trevino "Vino" Gray may have sold thousands of pills, some of which contained cocaine and the drug Molly.

    Lt. Buddy Riggi said a confidential informant tipped them off, saying Gray was manufacturing and selling his own prescription pills using his own pill pressers.

    One of those pills were labeled as oxycodone and was made with a mixture of crushed over-the-counter pain pills and heroin, authorities said.

    Another type of pill contained a mixture of the club drug Molly as well as cocaine.

    "All of a sudden we see all these cars come up, then we see the whole SWAT team," said neighbor Kristalinn Matos. "There's like 100 and knocking on his door."

    Investigators said inside Gray's home, they saw equipment he used to make his music and the equipment they believe he used to make the pills.

    Authorities said they also found a number of pills in the home.

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    Man accused of making, selling pills containing Molly, cocaine