• Man arrested, accused of molesting family members


    APOPKA, Fla. - A man who was once accused of molesting three children from his Apopka church was arrested again, but this time on charges of molesting family members.

    The charges against 42-year-old Scott Bohl were dropped for the incidents at Church of God of Prophecy in Apopka, after the state said there wasn't enough evidence.

    Now, Bohl is facing 40 new charges of molesting family members.

    In the original 2011 arrest report, Bohl was accused of molesting children at his church. At the very end of the report, investigators saw signs of sexual abuse with Bohl's family members and marked the file for follow up.

    However, Bohl was only put in jail after a family member recently came forward.

    One woman who worked at the church, and was one of the whistle-blowers on Bohl back in 2011, said she was shocked when the state dropped the charges for lack of evidence, because she was never questioned, even though she was a witness.

    She's said she was even more upset knowing his family members might be victims as well.

    A family member told officers that Bohl had touched him inappropriately.

    Because the family lived outside Apopka, police turned the case over to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

    The sheriff's office sent it to the state attorney's office, but the state said there wasn't enough evidence to move forward.

    The case was revived recently when a family member came forward to say Bohl continued to molest family members, after the previous charges were dropped.

    "If he would have went to jail back in 2011, I think the two children in the home could have been helped," said the woman.

    Investigators said there could have been various reasons why the state didn't find enough evidence back in 2011. Many times, it falls back on children's interviews.

    As of Monday night, Bohl is in jail without bail.

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    Man arrested, accused of molesting family members