• New information released in arrest of suspected baseball bat attacker


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A man accused of attacking two women with a bat was arrested late Wednesday night.

    Orlando police said tips from the public helped them arrest Juan Carrillo, 48.

    Rebecca Naudasher said she and a friend were going into an apartment near the intersection of Rosalind Avenue and South Street just before midnight Saturday when a man ran up, wielding a metal bat.

    A security guard at the complex heard screams and found both women bleeding profusely.

    After Carrillo allegedly attacked the women and stole her purse, he used a credit card at 7-Eleven for gas and cigarettes.

    Investigators said the night of the attack, there was a private 30th birthday party at Doc’s Banquet on S. Orange Avenue for Carrillo’s cousin.  They were all supposed to dress in blue and black.

    During the investigation, the cousin told investigators that Carrillo left before midnight and was wearing a blue button down shirt and a black tie, matching the description of the video.

    Police said Carrillo also has a white Honda accord, which was reported at the scene.

    WFTV was there when Carrillo was taken to the Orange County Jail. He denied being the man responsible for the brutal attack that was caught on camera.

    “One swing of a baseball bat to the head can be very deadly,” said Sgt. Jim Young with the Orlando Police Department.

    Police said Carrillo was charged with attempted murder in the case.

    "I remember out of the corner of my eye seeing someone run up and then hit me in the head with a baseball bat," Naudasher told Channel 9. "I remember slowly falling down and then (him) ripping the purse off me."
    According to Naudasher, the man then attacked her friend.

    Naudasher suffered a gash to her head that had to be stapled shut. She also had cuts and abrasions on her leg.

    Her friend, who did not want to be identified, suffered massive bruises and required stitches around her eye as a result of the blow.         

    She said, “I thought I was already dead when I was on the ground. When I got up to run, I was surprised I could run that fast and scream.”

    Police worked quickly to find a suspect who would mount such a violent attack over what they believed boils down to a purse snatching as a motive.

    “Complete stranger to these women. This appears to be an absolute random attack of these women,” said Young.

    Police said the baseball bat and additional evidence has been recovered in the case.

    Police said Carrillo was charged with robbery with a deadly weapon, attempted felony murder with a weapon and false imprisonment with a weapon.

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    New information released in arrest of suspected baseball bat attacker