Man comes home to find neighbor has taken half his driveway

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. —  An Osceola County man returned to his home recently to find a line of cinder blocks cemented down the middle of his driveway. He said his neighbor did it, claiming half the driveway was on his property.
"I just hate to be bullied," homeowner Oliver Lynch said.
Lynch said a new neighbor, who is supposed to be building a home on a vacant lot adjacent to his, decided part of Lynch's driveway was his property.
Lynch said it happened without warning.
"I have little fight left in me, and I hate to see somebody bulldoze over me," Lynch said.

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Lynch has records that show two 12-foot driveways are allowed side-by-side.
A county spokesman agreed, but suggested the two residents bring in a surveyor or take up the matter in court.
Lynch, 79, said he can't believe he'll need to resort to legal action.
"What's he going do with these extra few yards of concrete?" Lynch asked. 
Channel 9's Ryan Hughes tried to track down the man who placed the blocks on Lynch's driveway but was unsuccessful.
Lynch said he talked to the man a few times but said the man won't budge on the matter.
"He said he was a minister or something like that. (A) God-fearing man. But I don't think that's very Christian-like," Lynch said.

Ryan Hughes will have more on this story tonight on Channel 9 Eyewitness News at 11.