Man intentionally caused car crashes to collect insurance, investigators say

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — The Florida Division of Insurance Fraud said it arrested a man they said would buy used junk cars to intentionally cause car crashes. Investigators believe this was all part of a scheme to commit insurance fraud.

Channel 9’s Jeff Deal found out Alma Germain recruited people get in a crash with him, then would offer them money to get in a crash with innocent victims, then go get treatment at a local clinic so they could bill the insurance company, investigators said.

Witnesses told investigators Germain often bought junk cars to use for intentional car crashes.

The Insurance Information Institute told Eyewitness News innocent victims getting struck in crashes isn't that common.

"In most of these instances, everybody is in on the deal. So, the two cars involved in the crash, they both crashed on purpose,” said Lynee McChristian with Insurance Information Institute.

After the crash, Investigators said Germain ran from the scene, but instructed the three people in his car to get treatment at Family Practice and Rehab on Oak Ridge Road, where they billed the insurance company for nearly $25,000.

Insurance officials said these are costs that are ultimately passed on to other drivers.