Man says Ocoee police mistakenly shot up his home

OCOEE — A man said Ocoee Police Department officers mistakenly shot up his home early Saturday as he, his wife and their 12-year-old son slept inside.

The man, who asked to not be identified, said he awoke to someone banging on the front door of his Belhaven Falls Drive home shortly before 1 a.m. When he asked who it was, he got no response.

Fearing a burglar was at the door, the homeowner grabbed a gun.

When he returned, he said he saw a bright light shining through the glass of his front door and he heard someone outside holler “gun.”

That’s when bullets started flying.

Two bullets flew past the man’s head, and more bullets pierced walls and shattered glass windows, he said.

His family dropped to the floor of their living room, praying the gunfire would cease.

The man said he never fired his weapon, but the family was handcuffed and seated on a curb outside.

Neighbors said Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigators were at the home until noon Saturday. A security camera captured footage of the patrol cars pulling up to the home.

The family said it wasn't allowed back into the home until more than 10 hours after the shootout.

The man said he was told the police officers mistakenly responded to the home after receiving a report of domestic violence.

"Upon arrival, a person was confronted and shots were fired," Ocoee police Sgt. Bob Rivera. "The investigation is ongoing by The Florida Department of Law enforcement."

An FDLE spokeswoman said the agency is investigating an incident at the home but she wouldn’t elaborate.