• More evidence against suspected serial rapist revealed


    MARION COUNTY, Fla.,None - WFTV learned more about the evidence against an accused serial rapist in Marion County on Friday.

    Michael Frye has already pleaded not guilty on three separate sex battery cases.

    But WFTV learned about evidence that Frye refused to give up and the admissions he may have made on video.

    According to a report, in an October 12 sexual battery in Ocala, the victim told investigators she was on her way to buy drugs when she was forced into a green-colored van somewhere around NW 7th Street.   The report said the victim's clothing and bra were later found nearby on NW 11th Street, along with a pair of men's underwear.

    In the report, the victim described her beating and sexual attack in graphic detail, including the moment she grabbed a box cutter and sliced her attacker. 

    Investigators said she later identified Frye as her attacker.

    "You're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty," Frye said to WFTV reporter Mel Holt.

    "You didn't rape those women?" asked Holt.

    "No," Frye said.

    When Frye was escorted to the Marion County jail in October, he told Holt that he wasn't a rapist.  But, in addition to the October assault, Frye was charged with a September 19 rape in Ocala and a Marion County sex battery in July, said investigators.  

    Evidence was collected from vehicles that Frye had access to, and documents revealed that cellphone records were obtained which show a time and a location in connection to the rapes. 

    After initially refusing to give up his DNA, Frye finally gave the state a mouth swab.

    Investigators said they also taped an interview with Frye and admissions were made, but the State Attorney's Office doesn't have to release that information.

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    More evidence against suspected serial rapist revealed