• Another woman comes forward in Deltona firefighter raped her case


    DELTONA, Fla. - Channel 9 has learned Volusia County sheriff's investigators have filed an additional criminal charge against a Deltona firefighter accused of sexually assaulting multiple women.

    As of Wednesday, nine alleged victims have come forward, accusing Terry Freeman of sexual assault, and authorities have information on a potential 10th victim.

    The new charge includes sexual battery and stems from a rape allegation from 2012, authorities said.

    After hearing news reports of the other charges against Freeman, the 42-year-old alleged victim came forward to report that she had been assaulted by Freeman in 2012, authorities said.

    She told sheriff's investigators that she met Freeman in late 2012 while she was eating at a restaurant in Daytona Beach where Freeman worked as a server.

    During dinner, Freeman made a few flattering remarks to the woman and then when he brought her the bill, she discovered Freeman had written his phone number on it.

    After their initial encounter at the restaurant, the two sent text messages back and forth and the woman agreed to go out with Freeman the next day. On the night of their date, the woman said she picked Freeman up at his house in Deltona and the two went out to eat at a restaurant in Orange City.

    Afterward, the two went back to Freeman's house, where Freeman went into the bedroom and then called out to the woman, saying he wanted to show her something, the woman said.

    When she walked into the bedroom, the woman said, Freeman shut the door, picked her up and violently slammed her down on the bed and then pinned her under his body while sexually assaulting her.

    Afterward, the victim said she was freaked out, but managed to gather herself and leave the house.

    Earlier Wednesday, Freeman appeared in court to face two new charges that were filed a day earlier.

    A 27-year-old Orange City woman came forward on Monday and said she met Freeman at a college class the two were attending.

    She said that on a day in November she agreed to meet Freeman at his house to study with him, but made it clear that they were only going to study and that there would be no "funny business."

    The woman said when she got there and put her books down, Freeman called her to the bedroom, saying he wanted to show her something. When she went to the bedroom, the woman said, Freeman grabbed her by the hair, pushed her onto the bed and tried to pull her pants down.

    She said Freeman also exposed himself during the struggle and tried to get her to perform a sex act on him.

    The woman said she managed to break free at one point, but that Freeman grabbed her and threw her back down on the bed. She said she eventually was able to fight back and kick or knee Freeman in the groin to break free from his grasp and get out of the bedroom.

    As she collected her books, the woman said, Freeman looked like he was angry but ultimately let her leave the house.

    Based on the woman's account, sheriff's investigators filed charges on Tuesday of attempted sexual battery and false imprisonment.

    Channel 9's Karla Ray was in court on Wednesday, where she learned Freeman tried to blame the woman for his actions.

    Freeman allegedly told the victim, "You're such a tease. You knew why we came here."

    Investigator John Brady described Freeman as "a young, good-looking firefighter who they thought were going on a first date with and they were attacked."

    Channel 9 first reported on Freeman when he was arrested Dec. 31 and accused of raping an Altamonte Springs woman.

    Last week, additional sexual assault charges were filed after alleged victims saw the Freeman story on Channel 9 and said they, too, were assaulted by him.

    According to investigators, the women's accounts are very similar.

    "I think he'd do it again, any chance he's given," said Brady. "I think he'd do it again."

    In one of the reports, an alleged victim even said she felt guilty for going to Freeman's house.

    A victim's advocate told Channel 9 that feelings of guilt often prevent rape cases from going to court.

    According to investigators, Freeman has denied assaulting the women, but they said in at least one of the cases he has changed his story.

    Investigators, however, said every time Freeman's face is shown on Channel 9, they get more calls.

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