• Morning-after pill vending machine? Group pushes to make it so at UF

    By: Kelly Healey


    GAINESVILLE, Fla. - The National Women’s Liberation group at the University of Florida is pushing to have 24-hour vending machines installed that contain the morning-after pill (Plan B), along with other feminine products.

    "If I had the ability to go to a vending machine and get the pill, I would, and not have had to deal with any harassment or embarrassment," student Kendra Vincent said.

    The university offers emergency contraception at a discounted rate through the Student Health Center, but members of the NWL said it’s not accessible enough.

    "Except after 5 p.m., except on weekends, except on holidays," Vincent said.

    The vending machine would include emergency contraceptives for $10, as well as condoms and feminine products.

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    But the project has its opponents. The director of SIRA, a pro-life women's pregnancy center, said in a statement that she is concerned young women will not think about the long-term effects Plan B could have on their health, and that a vending machine would be “irresponsible and dangerous.”

    But some students think it would help women on campus.

    "I think that this is something that is long overdue. People shouldn't be embarrassed to go and get a morning-after pill from physicians, they should be able to purchase them in something like a vending machine. I think the vending machine is a great idea," Paige Arneson said.

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    Leaders with NWL said to move the project forward, they need a designated area to put the machine.

    A UF representative said they do not plan on fulfilling the request due to the availability of the morning after pill at the student infirmary.

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