Motorcycle clubs not happy with 'no colors' policies in some Daytona establishments

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — In Daytona Beach and other areas of Volusia County, bikers will find a "no colors" sign on most bars, restaurants and saloons. The signs are the owners' way of cutting down on motorcycle clubs and tension inside their establishments, but some clubs aren't happy with being left out.

"You know, it seems like they've hung up these signs in the '80s and kind of left them there," said Bobby Colella of the Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Club.

Colella said his group and others want businesses to drop the no colors policy, and he's expecting 150 bikers to rally for the cause in Daytona Beach on Satursday.

"I shouldn't have to take off my coat, my vest, you know, to go into an establishment," he said. "I'm the same person with or without that vest."

Bike Week is days away and many businesses are reluctant to comment on the policy.

Channel 9's Blaine Tolison went to Main Street and asked both bikers and tourists what they thought.

"Anybody and everybody should be able to wear whatever they want and where they want to," said tourist Lejla Hadzovic.

"The biker gangs and stuff, the're not really looking for trouble. They all get along and stuff, so I think it's kind of an outdated idea that no colors are allowed," said biker Scott Fitzgerald.

There are still local biker gangs that the FBI considers criminal organizations, but Colella still believes businesses run the risk of gang clashes with or without colors.

"Again, we're the same people with or without those vests on," he said.

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