Murder suspect shot in chest, officer's bullet stopped by body armor, Orlando chief says

ORLANDO, Fla. — Orlando police Chief John Mina said Markeith Loyd stood over Lt. Debra Clayton and shot her execution style.

Mina shared more details about Clayton’s death on CNN, about an hour after her suspected killed was booked into jail.

“He chose to go to Lt. Debra Clayton, stand over her, and shoot her multiple times,” Mina said. “The first shot that was fired was not the fatal shot.”

Mina added that Clayton could have survived the first shot allegedly fired from Loyd.

Instead, he said Loyd stood over Clayton and fired several shots execution style.

“We know Markeith Loyd is the scum of the Earth, he is a cold-blooded killer and we weren’t taking any chances with him,” Mina said.

He said Walmart surveillance cameras captured the incident and called the video “disturbing.”

In the video, it appears that Clayton was able to fire off a shot and hit Loyd in the chest, but  he wasn't injured because he was wearing body armor, Mina said.

Loyd is accused of shooting and killing Clayton in a Walmart parking lot as she tried to approach him. Loyd was already wanted in the killing of his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon.