• Neighbors want city to move bee hive from foreclosed home


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A Port Orange family said it is being attacked by bees, and no one will help get rid of them.

    WFTV's Blaine Tolison found out that's because the giant bee hive is attached to a foreclosed home on Lafayette Street.

    The city's animal control division doesn't deal with bee hives. And one private bee keeper quoted $300 to remove the giant bee hive.

    But it's not just a matter of finding somebody to remove it. It's a matter of holding someone responsible for the house.

    A mass of honey combs covered in thousands of bees keeps the area off limits to neighbors. To get video, WFTV's crew approached them nice and slow.

    Stephanie Ball said it wasn't always like this living in her family's rental home on Lafayette Street. She always knew about the bees but said the hive has grown from a few inches to a mountain. And recently they became a serious problem.

    "Just three weeks ago, we were in the pool, and my husband got stung in the head, so we don't go back there at all anymore. We can't go in our back yard at all anymore," said Ball.

    The bees were using Ball's pool as a watering hole. It had to be drained to keep them away. She still doesn't allow her children to in the back yard.

    "I have three kids. They can't even play in their pool anymore," she said.

    With the help of Ball's cousin, Gregory, the family has called beekeepers and the city of Port Orange, and has tried to track down the homeowner responsible, with no luck.

    "They have to take care of it themselves, but you can't find anybody. Somebody's got to do something about it," said Ball.

    According to the Volusia County property appraiser, the home belonged to a man who was issued a notice of foreclosure in 2010.

    Neighbors said the home has been sitting empty for years and has always been a nuisance but nothing quite this bad.

    Port Orange officials confirmed that Chase Morgan now owns the home. Port Orange city workers are working to contact the bank to try to get someone out to the house.

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    Neighbors want city to move bee hive from foreclosed home