• New FEMA flood zone maps boost insurance rates for some Brevard residents


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - FEMA has made its first major revision to Brevard County’s flood maps in 25 years, and it’s caused flood insurance rates to skyrocket for some residents.

    Brevard County officials said the new maps have added some homeowners to the flood plain, while others have been removed.

    Port St. John resident Robert Bookman’s home is now in a high-risk area under the maps.

    He was paying $400 a year for flood insurance, but the new maps will bump that payment up to $5,000 a year.

    “We went through two hurricanes, no problems. We got 11 inches of rain in about eight hours and there were no problems,” he said.

    Brookman wasn’t required to carry flood insurance, but had it just in case.

    His policy was set to expire in June, and he couldn’t believe the new rate when he got his renewal notice in the mail.

    Brookman’s home is in a flood zone, but his neighbor next door and the neighbor across the street aren’t in the same risk area.

    “I’m the only house on this street that’s in a flood zone,” he said.

    Brevard County officials said portions of North Merritt Island are now in a flood zone, while other properties on canals along the Indian River Lagoon are no longer in a high-risk area.

    As for Brookman, he would need a surveyor to look at his property and get an evaluation certificate to fight the high insurance bill.

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    New FEMA flood zone maps boost insurance rates for some Brevard residents

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