New report outlines how accused killer broke into woman's downtown Orlando apartment

ORLANDO, Fla. — New evidence outlines how police said a security guard researched how to break into a young woman’s apartment without her knowing. Stephen Duxbury is accused of raping and killing Sasha Samsudean after she came back to her apartment from a night out.

Samsudean’s body was found rolled up in a comforter inside her downtown Orlando apartment in October.

Detectives found the security guard’s fingerprint on her nightstand.

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A newly released 71-page report describes how detectives searched Duxbury’s phone and discovered he searched the internet on how to override the kind of lock that was on Samsudean’s door.

A crime scene photo shows a keypad is used to get into the apartment.%



Detectives wrote the only logical explanation for the searches was to get into her place without her permission.

The report gives a timeline leading up to the homicide.

Samsudean went drinking with her friends downtown and got home at about 1:45 a.m.

She’s with Duxbury on security footage in Uptown Place until about 2:30 a.m.

Duxbury told police he noticed she was drunk but left her when she couldn’t remember the code to get into her place.%



By 5 a.m., he was searching how to override the lock on her door.

He’s not seen on camera again for nearly 90 minutes, and the next time the cameras catch him, he’s holding trash bags.

The bags matched the type and brand in Samsudean’s apartment.

Detectives wrote in the report, “It’s unknown how he finally managed to enter her apartment,” but “the website searches show he wanted to get into her place.”

The report goes on to say, “He used her impairment and his position to illegally enter her apartment and commit murder.”

Detectives searched Duxbury's phone and found no link or prior communication between him and the victim.

Channel 9 contacted his attorney, who said he doesn't comment on pending cases.

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