ALL ABOARD! New SunRail lines begin operation in Osceola County

SunRail began operating its new lines Monday in Osceola County.
SunRail began operating its new lines Monday in Osceola County.
The Kissimmee stop is one of four in Orange and Osceola counties. 
"I leave at 4:30 in the morning to my job and now it cuts my time in half," rider William Rivera said. "It's also saving money as well."

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. — The commuter rail expanded into Osceola County and it stretches from Poinciana to DeBary.

Crews also built a second set of train tracks for most of the new 17-mile expansion.
Rider Scherry Langston said the additional stops will give people an easier way to explore the area.
“It's better to take SunRail and have that experience where you can stop at the different areas on the way back," she said.
SunRail also opened its Meadow Woods station in south Orange County Monday. 
SunRail has plans to connect DeBary and DeLand, but the Florida Department of Transportation said it's looking for ways to fund the proposed station and the tracks.
There's also a long-term plan to have SunRail make a stop at the Orlando International Airport, but FDOT is studying how the new tracks will impact wildlife.
SunRail has also increased its number of round trips from 18 to 20. There's also more mid-day stops, and it runs later.  See SunRail schedule            
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