• New transcripts contradict Markeith Loyd's longstanding claims of self-defense

    By: Field Sutton


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - New transcripts paint a picture of Markeith Loyd's pregnant ex-girlfriend fearing for her safety and trying to flee back into her home the night she was shot.

    Sade Dixon's brother told Loyd's lawyer in a deposition that she attempted to run back into the home, but that the door was locked, contradicting Loyd's long-standing claims of self-defense.

    It was known for months that Loyd was arguing with Dixon over whether she was smoking marijuana while pregnant with his child, but newly released records from the investigation reveal she told at least one of her siblings that Loyd had been physically abusive in the months leading up to her slaying.

    Dixon's brother, Ronald Stewart, said things escalated quickly when he went to confront Loyd that night after he tried to get Loyd to leave.

    "Before he started running, he went into his pockets," said Stewart. "He went into his hoodie pockets as he was running toward the left. And I started running right behind her to go inside."

    Stewart said he and Dixon ran toward the home when they realized Loyd had a gun.

    "She wiggles the door and she's banging and said, 'Open the door, open the door,' and I see that the door was locked," Stewart continued. "I looked behind and I see him pull out the gun at that point and cocked it back."

    That's when Loyd allegedly shot and killed Dixon. Loyd also allegedly shot Stewart and attempted to shoot Dixon's mother when she came outside. 

    Loyd remained on the run for a month before allegedly shooting and killing Orlando Police Lieutenant Debra Clayton at a Walmart. 

    Dixon's mother said she knew Loyd was bad news the moment she met him and spent months trying to pry her daughter away from him.

    Stephanie Dixon-Daniels told Loyd's lawyers recently that she was overcome with rage after reading a text Loyd sent her daughter thirty minutes after allegedly shooting her that read, "Don't know if you (gonna) make it, hope you don't, I told you don't play with me."

    The trial for the fatal shooting of Dixon begins in September. Loyd's trial for the murder of Lt. Clayton starts next year.

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