• Ocala police warn of crime by feuding groups


    OCALA, Fla. - Ocala police said they're concerned about violent crimes that have been sparked by a feud between two or three groups of people.

    "We want this violence to stop," said Sgt. Angie Scroble with Ocala police.

    Police said there have been three shootings, one of which was fatal, that are related.

    The shootings happened at the North Roads apartment complex, the Spring Manor apartment complex and on the 1800 block of NE 30th Street.

    "There are a lot of people involved here that we need to speak with and get information about," said Scroble.

    There was also a suspicious fire at the Spring Manor apartments that police said is connected to the feuding groups.

    It's the same location of the fatal shooting that left 19-year-old Jaire Burgess dead.

    "It's just very sad that an innocent child has lost his life at such an early age," said resident Maria Presley.

    Police said it's possible that there's been more violence that has gone unreported.

    "We have one life lost already. We don't want to see injury or death come to another person," Scroble said.

    The police department said it is increasing patrols and they continue to follow leads in the cases.

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    Ocala police warn of crime by feuding groups