Offensive note left on Deltona man's car over Marine sticker

DELTONA, Fla. — The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook to thank military members after a Deltona man filed a report about an offensive note left on his car.

Deputies said the man has a sticker on his car that reads, “My son is a Marine.”

The man told deputies when left a Walmart on Friday, he found a note on his windshield that read, “(Expletive) you and your son. I hope he dies.”

The unidentified man, who said the note brought him to tears, reported the incident to deputies.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office posted about the note on its Facebook page.

The post read, “We can't undo the message, and we almost hate to share it, but we decided we could use it as an opportunity to say thank you. Please join us. To this man in Deltona, to anyone who's served or is serving our country, and to all the families who sacrifice precious months and years with a loved one: THANK YOU and your son, daughter, husband, wife, relative or friend for what you've given us. We hope each and every man and woman comes home safe, although we know our world is not a safe place, and not everyone gets that homecoming. Our families are veteran families too. We can't put a note on every windshield, but we can say it here: We respect you, we support you and we're here for you at home.”

A man from Deltona has a sticker on his car that reads: "My Son is a Marine." When he came out from shopping at Wal-Mart...

Posted by Volusia County Sheriff's Office on Friday, April 8, 2016