Officials apprehend sex offender at Altamonte Springs Starbucks

Video: Sex offender found in Altamonte Springs Starbucks

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fl. — After years on the run, one fugitive sex offender is finally in police custody.

Authorities said Jason Zeller has been on the run for two years in Louisiana where he failed to show up for a court hearing in January of 2017 for charges of child pornography and soliciting a child over the internet.

Officials received a tip Monday that Zeller was at a Starbucks on State Road 400. Police were able to track him because he was using the free wifi. Officials said Zeller had five cell phones and a laptop on his person at the time of his arrest, according to a Seminole County arrest report.

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Customers were excited to hear that Zeller won't be coming back.

"It's really scary, cause you never know who is in your backyard, and yeah, I'm definitely glad they got him," said one customer.

Zeller remains in Seminole County Jail without bond. He will face child pornography charges once he is transferred back to New Orleans.