• OPD denies excessive force allegation after woman files lawsuit over pepper-spraying


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A deputy chief and the Orlando Police Department have responded in writing to allegations from an excessive force lawsuit.

    Rebekah Davis was pepper-sprayed and arrested by Deputy Chief Robert Pigman in August 2012 on charges of resisting arrest.

    In a lawsuit against Pigman and OPD, Davis claims she "cried out in pain, begging for Pigman to stop pepper-spraying her."

    Pigman and OPD, however, deny the allegations.

    What police didn't know was that Davis' iPad was recording audio, capturing most of the arrest. In the video, Davis can be heard screaming for about 14 seconds the first time she was sprayed.

    After being sprayed a second time by Pigman, Davis can be heard screaming and crying for more than three minutes.

    Davis' boyfriend was behind the wheel when he was stopped for reckless driving along State Road 408 near Conway Road last year.

    Pigman got into a shouting match with Davis after she said his behavior was threatening, but he didn't know he was being recorded.

    Pigman and OPD deny the allegation that Pigman told a paramedic to let Davis enjoy the pain, but he can be heard in the recording saying, "Let her enjoy it."

    WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said the inconsistencies could hurt OPD's defense if the lawsuit goes to trial.

     "If in fact it's found that he's lied about one thing or changed his story, then certainly the jury could conclude (he) lied about one thing, (he) may be lying about all things," said Sheaffer.

    "All of the facts and circumstances will be addressed though the appropriate legal process," an OPD spokesman said on Tuesday.

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