2 Orlando locations looking for COVID-19 positive volunteers for virus treatment study

ORLANDO, Fla. — Two Orlando locations are now part of a new nationwide study of possible COVID-19 treatments.

The Orlando Immunology Center and Science 37 are the two research locations in Orlando selected for this 200-site study through the National Institutes of Health.

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Officials said they chose the Orlando locations for the study because of the number of COVID-19 cases across Central Florida.

They’re now looking for dozens of volunteers who’ve recently tested positive for the virus.

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“The benefits of this trial can have implications globally, so being an investigator on this study feels like one of the most important things I’ve ever done as a physician,” said Dr. Debra Weinstein, principal investigator with Science 37.

Each team will look for safe, quick options to slow a COVID infection as easily as the ones that lessen the flu.

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The goal is to measure at least five different medications and multiple ways to take them, such as by injection, infusion, and others.

Eligible volunteers need to be age 18 and older and have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 10 days with active symptoms. Their vaccination status doesn’t matter.

For the most accurate results, people of color are urged to apply.

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By assessing how these medications work over the next six to 18 months, as well as gauging their responses to variants, researchers hope to take a needed step in science.

“It’s exciting and it’s scary, and it’s just so important,” Weinstein said.

The three phases of the nationwide study are expected to assess the reactions of nearly 1,000 volunteers.

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