Different families unite over shared live-saving kidney donations in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. — Two different families, both with family members who needed a kidney, each found a match within the other family and completed the operations at the same hospital.

“I was 20 weeks pregnant; we did an ultrasound, and they found out that her kidney had, were full of cysts,” said Jamie Mckenzie.

Born with chronic kidney disease, 4-year-old Emery Brock had reached Stage 5 and was facing dialysis.

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That’s when her parents learned neither of them was medically compatible to offer the kidney she desperately needed.

Then came the call: A donor was available, and her name was Hallie Thomas.

“The minute we found out it was a child, it was even more emotional for me and gratifying that I could get this opportunity to do this. But at the same token - to help my husband,” said kidney donor Hallie Thomas.

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Her husband, Richard, also needed a kidney from his lifelong battle with the same chronic disease.

Through AdventHealth’s Living Donor Program, the families found out Emery’s mother Mckenzie was also a match for Richard.

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It has been three months since AdventHealth surgeon Dr. Michael Angelis oversaw the unique paired transplant.

“To have them at one hospital with all the patients are being taken care of - it’s pretty exciting for us,” Angelis said. “Sometimes, there’s exchanges where one kidney goes through one city, and you have, like, three or four donors.”

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Social distancing may have kept them apart Monday, but the room was still packed with gratitude for two lives restored.

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