How will distribution differ for COVID-19 booster shots?

ORLANDO, Fla. — Booster shots. We already receive them for things like tetanus and measles, and COVID-19 is about to be added to that list.

While the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine was widespread, distribution for booster vaccines could be much more targeted.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people with compromised immune systems get a booster shot.

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“We need to leverage local infrastructure to ensure that when these booster shots roll out, that we are able to quickly do it,” said Mary Mayhew, of the Florida Hospital Association.

She said the most vulnerable should be prioritized.

“I am confident that given our experience, we know how to leverage all resources and timely rollout these booster shots,” Mayhew said.

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Julie Swann, a supply chain expert at NC State University, said that mass vaccination sites might not work well for coronavirus booster shots since there are several types of vaccines.

She said she anticipates the booster shots will be a regular occurrence similar to the annual flu shot.

“The vaccine will be available through grocery stores, pharmacies and primary care physicians so you have multiple opportunities to access it,” Swann said. “Although it could be a different place than where you first got it.”

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