Man killed in Goldenrod shooting, houses damaged

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Deputies are looking for the suspects in connection with a man who was gunned down Tuesday afternoon in Orange County.

Investigators said the shooting happened around 3:40 p.m on Ranchero Street, in the Goldenrod area.

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The victim was found lying in the street where he died, deputies said.

Deputies did not release any information about the shooter or any other details.

One neighbor told Eyewitness News they heard gunfire, then saw the victim running down the street, being chased by people in a black Nissan SUV. Neighbors also said they saw cash blowing down the street.

They said at least one man got out of the SUV and continued to fire shots after the victim was on the ground.

Another neighbor said he heard the gunfire and got his two daughters inside, just before a bullet went into their home, through a headboard and into a television.

“I get my kids inside behind a big stainless steel refrigerator. I grabbed my pistol, we get on the floor and I just held them down and said, ‘Stay here, stay here,’” the neighbor said. “And my buddy comes behind and shuts my front door he goes, ‘Man they’re about to kill him right now.’ I said, ‘No they’re not, no they’re not.’ And sure enough, about two seconds later, we hear boom, boom, boom, boom boom, boom.”