Markeith Loyd wants trial postponed so he can prepare to be his own attorney

ORLANDO, Fla. — Markeith Loyd decided over the summer to be his own attorney in his death penalty trial.

Because of that, he has asked that his trial be delayed so he can adequately prepare.

Loyd is expected to go to trial next month for the shooting death of Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton. Almost five years ago, he murdered his estranged pregnant girlfriend and has already been convicted in that case.

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While on the run, police said Loyd shot Clayton when she approached him in a Walmart while the search was underway.

Loyd filed a motion asking the judge to make sure he gets more access to the law library, in order to defend himself in next month’s trial.

The judge said that she doesn’t run the Orange County Jail and couldn’t help him, and reminded him that she already told him that representing himself won’t be easy in a death penalty case.

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Loyd already appointed co-counsel, but he still prefers to go it alone.

His trial has already been delayed for more than a year because COVID-19 shut down the courthouse and delayed proceedings.

Also on the table is whether an insanity plea will be allowed after Loyd refused to be evaluated by state doctors because they were doing it over the computer and not in person.

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Loyd said this was a violation of his rights of confidentiality because a guard was present in the room, and the meeting was over the computer instead of in-person because of COVID-19 rules.

The judge said Wednesday he had no rights to privacy in jail, and gave him one more chance to be evaluated or she would look at that motion again.

The judge said jury selection will be changed because of COVID-19 and she will update everyone on Friday.

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Jury selection will begin at 9 a.m. on Oct. 8.

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