Pregnancy and COVID-19: What to expect when delivering a baby during a pandemic

Video: Pregnancy and COVID-19: What to expect when delivering a baby during a pandemic

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been reviewing the data when it comes to the coronavirus and pregnant women.

In the most recent morbidity and mortality weekly report, pregnant women may be at increased risk for illness from COVID-19 compared to women who are not pregnant.

Tayla Kosstrin is expecting a baby boy in mid-November, but she said the process has been a little unconventional.

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“Our gender reveal, we had some of my husband’s family over and the rest were on Zoom,” she said.

Technology has helped, but it’s not exactly the same. This is the reality for so many parents to be.

Once they get closer to delivery, many parents are wondering what they will be walking into at a hospital amid a pandemic.

According to OB-GYN Dr. Megan Grey, with Orlando Health, this is what to expect if you are admitted for labor or C-section.

  • You will be tested for COVID-19.
  • You and your partner will need to be masked for the duration of your visit.
  • The hospital is still allowing one additional person into the delivery room.

Grey said whether your test results come back positive or negative, you will be given a few options on how you would like to handle your postpartum.

“We give mommies the option. We give them the risks and benefits of skin-to-skin, rooming with the baby, breastfeeding based on all of these scenarios, and we allow mommy to make the decision,” Grey said.

Grey said the mortality and COVID-19 in pregnancy is very low based on the information doctors currently have.

She suggests keeping in contact with your doctors and keep asking questions throughout the process.