Real estate, rentals continue in Florida during coronavirus pandemic, most with only virtual tours

VIDEO: CFL real estate agents say rentals, buying still happening.. just virtually

ORLANDO, Fla. — During the coronavirus pandemic, real estate agents are still able to complete sales and lease deals because their job is considered essential.

A lot of things have been canceled, but not the need for a new home.

“It's slowed down a little bit, but it's not dead," real estate broker Paul Jimenez said.

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Jimenez mostly works in downtown with Urbanista Orlando and he said so far, rent and sale prices are staying about the same.

When asked who is renting and buying right now, Jimenez said people who, “work in the medical field."

Even with the state's stay-at-home order, local realtors and brokers are still selling and leasing out units, however, most of the tours aren't done in person. They're done virtually.

“They're still buying the demand is still there,” Jimenez said. “Low interest rates. If you got money, good credit, it's time.”

Reese Stewart is president of the Orlando Regional Realtor Association. He said those who do show homes in person use extra hand sanitizer and open doors so fewer surfaces are touched.

“There was a lot of transactions already in the pipeline,” Stewart said. “They're still closing the transactions just drive through closings, mobile closings, stuff like that.”

Some people who have lost their job due the pandemic are backing out. But realtors stress this is a health crisis, not a housing crisis.

“Once this gloom passes us it’s going to ramp back up,” Jimenez said.