• Orlando Home Suite Home says children no longer allowed


    ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orange County family with children called Eyewitness News for help when the extended state motel they'd been living in for two years told them to find another home.

    The family lives at the Home Suite Home Extended Stay at Colonial and Primrose drives in Orlando.

    The family said the motel sent them and other families a letter saying they didn't want children living there anymore because it plans to convert into a 55+ community.

    Residents with school-aged children can no longer use the extended stay as a permanent address.

    Kristi Cusano has lived at Home Suite Home with her two kids for two years.

    "We've never had a problem, they've never said nothing until now," Cusano said.

    Cusano and other residents received the letter Thursday.

    "That if we have children that were in school, that under that chapter 509 law that we have to move out, we can't have our kids here," Cusano said.

    The owner of the extended stay says one of the reasons she's making the move is to try to cut down on crime.

    "It's been a basic business decision to try to help some of these families move off property and get these families into homes where they belong instead of living and growing inside of a hotel," owner Dianna Chane said.

    One resident said she was kicked out with just hours of notice.

    "I have no notice. It's not for not paying, I've always paid rent. No warning, paperwork, no nothing. None of that existed. They just find any reason to get kids out," former resident Shelby Ashworth said.

    Ashworth said she and her 11-year-old daughter lived in the motel for 5 1/2 months when they were given just hours of notice to leave.

    The owner of the property says it's because Ashworth let her daughter go to the pool without her.

    "It's not fair kicking all these families out just because they have children. Does that sound like a Home Suite Home to you?" Ashworth said.
    There are 230 units in the hotel. According to the owner, 28 of them have families.

    She said unless those families cause problems, she will give them time to find another place to stay.

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