• Orlando limo drivers take concerns about Uber service to city


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando limousine drivers met with the city of Orlando to complain that the Uber transportation service is still not regulated.
    Uber claims it is a faster and cheaper alternative to car and taxi services.
    The drivers said if they have to pay fees, permits and insurance, the people who are dispatched through the Uber app should, too.
    Currently Uber is not allowed to operate in Orlando, though Mayor Buddy Dyer said he is open to accommodating the service.
    Wendy Kleefish, with Brevard Executive Transportation, has been a licensed limo driver for two decades and has a new Lincoln she uses to carry passengers.
    "(One permit) on the car allows us to operate legally at the Orlando International Airport," said Kleefish.
    But there's a new company in town and it has the 200 drivers with the Greater Orlando Limousine Association on edge.
    "It made me extremely nervous for the public's safety," said Kleefish.
    Uber bills itself a faster, cheaper alternative to taxis or limos.
    Passengers order rides from private drivers through an iPhone app.
    But many taxi drivers are upset because Uber is not regulated. On Friday limo drivers voiced those frustrations.
    "All we want is same playing field. If Uber has commercial permit, than we need a commercial permit," said one driver.
    City officials said they will come up with a compromise, but there is no word on what that will include.
    "If they want to comply and get all their permits then we will be happy to work with them and not against them," said Kleefish.
    Orlando police said they are impounding Uber cars and fining the drivers if they are caught operating in the city.

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