• Orlando man says K-9 got loose, attacked him at his home


    ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando K-9 that has visited children and taken down criminals is accused of attacking his handler's neighbor, biting him repeatedly until the victim's own dog was able to step in.

     It happened about two weeks ago after, Ken Van Horne said, Seabee got loose and came onto his property, biting him 10 times and causing deep puncture wounds.

    "You know how they shake back and forth? This is like a tear, and it goes down to the bone on every one of (the bites)," Van Horne said as he showed his injuries to Channel 9.

    "It's like taking a board with nails and clamping down," said Van Horne. "It was a pretty traumatic experience. You don't know when it's going to end."

    Van Horne said Seabee dragged him by the shoulder until his husky mix, Cherokee, stepped in and scared the police dog off.

    Van Horne said the dog's handler, Tim Stanley, was nowhere to be found when the attack happened and that an Orange County deputy helped get Seabee off his property.

    "K-9s shouldn't be considered as pets, no matter how much time you spend with them," said Van Horne.

    Orlando police said they're not investigating how Stanley lost control of his dog. The city of Orlando said it will provide a settlement with Van Horne once his medical treatment is completed.

    Van Horne said the incident has him worried for his safety and the safety of his elderly parents.

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    Orlando man says K-9 got loose, attacked him at his home