• Orlando megachurch in final stages of foreclosure


    ORLANDO, Fla. - One of central Florida’s largest megachurches may soon be forced out of its home.

    In 2005, a nasty divorce exposed lavish spending by Pastor Clint Brown, the head of Orlando’s Faith-World Church.

    Seven years later, 9 Investigates exposed a quarter-million dollars was owed in back taxes.

    Now the church is in the final stages of foreclosure.

    According to documents, the church’s lender, Evangelical Christian Credit Union, is owed nearly $10 million.

    Bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney Scott Spradley said the church may be sold at auction as early as the end of summer.

    What’s more, the lender has asked the court to appoint a receiver to run the church and a third party to watch the books.

    “Usually when that happens, there is a very real fear on the part of the lender that money is being mismanaged,” Spradley said.

    The church building is also in bad shape.

    Rust and paint is chipping away on the main gate, the front entrance is covered in weeds, and a call box on the building is being held together with duct tape and quick ties.

    Church officials said they are aware of the situation, but they have not made a plan for the future.

    The woman who was brought in to handle the church’s financial situation said Brown was unavailable for comment.

    Documents from Brown’s 2005 divorce show Faith World spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for his lavish home, cars and shopping trips.

    His home was foreclosed in 2012.

    Officials would not comment on whether the church is going to have to repay the $9 million that’s owed.

    Officials said at some point, they plan to make an announcement about what’s next for the church, but would not elaborate on the outstanding loan or its plans for a possible foreclosure.

    The property was sold in 2000 for $9.9 million.

    Orange County currently appraises the property at $7.8 million.

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