• Ormond Beach law banning alcohol before noon on Sunday could go away


    ORMOND BEACH, Fla. - Residents in a Volusia County city are fighting what's called a blue law which keeps businesses from serving alcohol until noon on Sunday mornings.

    Ormond Beach has been around since 1880 and its blue law came into effect in the 1950s

    A restaurant owner said 60 years later, the law is costing him big business.

    Scott Studner said he has worked hard renovating his restaurant, the Beach Bucket.

    Business has been on the rise ever since, he said, but the blue law is holding him back.

    "If you can have a glass of wine at church, why can't you have a glass of wine at breakfast?" customer Adam King said.

    The owner said on a Saturday, he'll sometimes have about 200 people in his restaurant.

    On Sunday before noon he says he loses nearly 75 percent of his business.

    He says he knows his customers are going elsewhere, so they can get a drink.

    "When they hear that they can't have liquor, they literally will make a decision if they want to wait -- if they come very late in the morning -- or normally they just get up and leave," Studner said.

    There are only a few cities that ban alcohol sales on Sundays in Volusia County. Studner said he has already challenged the rule before the city and said leaders have been receptive.

    Studner said he's confident his dry Sunday mornings will soon come to an end.

    "Oh, it should be profoundly better on Sunday morning," Studner said.

    The city is already making changes to the law, according to Studner.

    The restaurant owner said he is expecting to start selling alcohol on Sunday mornings by November.

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