Passenger's deadly threats, indecent exposure, force emergency landing in Florida, officials say

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A 34-year-old man who threatened to kill other passengers, including a 3-year-old child, and exposed himself in the cabin, forced a transatlantic flight to make an emergency landing in Jacksonville, officials say.

Oliver Charles Halliday Gee, of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, was on the Nov. 2 flight from Cancun to Frankfurt, Germany, court documents say.

Crew members on the Condor Airlines Boeing 767 told the captain they expected Gee to be a “problem passenger,” because he was acting aggressively and demanded to be served alcohol before the plane took off, the FBI said.

About 60-90 minutes into the flight, a crew member was told that Gee threatened to kill another passenger and had “threatened and intimidated a 3-year-old child,” the man’s federal indictment said.

While taking off his clothes and exposing himself to the other passengers, Gee announced he was going to urinate in the cabin, investigators said.

A crew member and passenger who volunteered to help restrain Gee, attempted to escort the man to the lavatory.

On the way, Gee allegedly slapped the crew member and assisting passenger twice each, the indictment said.

The captain was concerned that the altercation with Gee would escalate and because the majority of the flight was over the Atlantic Ocean, he decided to make an emergency landing in Jacksonville, officials said.

Once the plane was on the ground, Gee was arrested by airport police.

He was charged federally with assaulting a flight crew member the next day.

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