• Plan to allow chickens at Maitland homes could come to roost


    MAITLAND, Fla. - The city of Maitland appears to be following in the footsteps of Orlando and may allow some residents to keep chickens in their back yards.

    "I think the first impression you get is chickens are a low-class thing because they live out in the country and they're hillbillies or whatever," said John Scott.

    That's everything John Scott isn't.

    He realizes his Maitland neighborhood is not one where you would normally find a chicken coop. But he said he is all for the idea.

    "They know they are getting healthier food for their table, for their families," said Dorine Olive, who helped write the city's ordinance.

    Under Maitland's ordinance, residents would be allowed three chickens. They would not be allowed to have roosters.

    The ordinance says the pen to house the hens can be no larger than 100 square feet.

    "One hundred square feet for three chickens would be like a mansion or a downtown condo," said Matthew Corbit of the Palmer Feed Store.

    Orlando started a similar pilot program about a year ago. So far, 37 permits have been issued by the city and Orlando Code Enforcement officials said they have not received a complaint form program participants.

    The chicken idea didn't get far with Orange County.

    Last month commissioners dropped the idea after the program didn't get the support it needed.

    The Maitland ordinance would allow for a two-year program. Only 15 permits would be given out, allowing chickens to be kept at private residences.

    Scott said he hopes the idea goes over easy with city leaders in Maitland.

    "If I can get a pet that makes breakfast, all the better," said Scott.

    City officials will go over the ordinance at its planning and zoning meeting Thursday evening.


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    Plan to allow chickens at Maitland homes could come to roost