• Police: Man held Burger King employees at gunpoint


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Investigators in Volusia County still haven't made an arrest after a man held employees at gunpoint while robbing a Daytona Burger King restaurant.

    Police said they believe the robber was hiding in the garbage at the restaurant on Nova Road when he pulled a gun on a worker over the weekend.

    The Burger King had just closed and employees were preparing the nightly deposit.

    Police said the man got into the Burger King after one employee walked outside to dump the trash. At first, the employee thought he was a homeless man hanging out by the trash, but a second later the suspect came right at him with a gun, according to police.

    "He is a big guy, 5-foot-10 to 6-foot-1, weighing more than 200 pounds. He wore a mask and forced his way inside," said Ginger Gilmore, shift manager at Burger King.

    Police said it's very likely it was a former employee or someone who knew a former employee because once he got inside the Burger King, he tried to reach under a counter where a safe used to be.

    Gilmore said she was in another part of the restaurant when she saw the robbery in progress. She ran back to an office and called for help.

    Gilmore watched on surveillance cameras from the office as the armed man threatened to shoot two other employees, and then rifled through the cash drawers.

    "My employee and my other manager lay on the floor and he had a gun on him. (He said) "'Where's the money, where's the money?'" said Gilmore. "He was going to leave the store with money. He was very adamant. I was just praying they didn't get shot."

    Police said the man grabbed what he could, which was about $1,800, and took off.

    No one was injured.

    One of the other victims told WFTV the suspect put a gun to his chest and then into his ear and threatened to shoot him.

    Police said they hope to get surveillance video and release it as soon as possible.

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