• Boy surrenders after police say he wrote vulgar message on Sanford girl's bedroom window

    By: Jason Kelly , Kevin Williams


    SANFORD, Fla. - A teenage boy surrendered Tuesday after writing a vulgar message on the bedroom window of a teenage girl earlier this month, the Sanford Police Department said.

    The 17-year-old boy, whose identity wasn't publicly disclosed, turned himself in at about 7:30 a.m., about 12 hours after surveillance video of an incident was released, police said. The boy was accompanied by his parents, investigators said.

    Police said they were called on July 8 to a home on Sandpoint Court near North Country Club Road and East Crystal Lake Avenue after a 17-year-old girl awoke to find the writing on her window -- "I won't stop stalking you," followed by a vulgar remark.

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    Investigators said she told them she had been hearing noises outside her window for several nights.

    Police said they discovered what appeared to be ear prints on the window.

    Investigators said they placed surveillance cameras in the backyard of the home and shortly before 10 p.m. July 13, someone was seen in a recording.

    Juanica Fernandes, the girl's mother, said she discovered letters in her mailbox.

    "She's a child, so it's, like, who would say that?" she said. "There's an impression of his face on her window ... It's, like, unsettling."

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    Fernandes said Tuesday that she was grateful the suspect had been arrested.

    "I'm really happy that his parents turned him in," said. "I'm sure that's a tough thing to do (to) your own kid, but I was happy for his safety (because) I was worried and scared, and my reaction would have been visceral if I had caught him here."

    The boy was charged with loitering, prowling and trespassing.

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