Police: Woman steals package from porch, learns it was filled with superworms

APOPKA, Fla. — A woman accused of stealing a package from an Apopka porch opened up a can of worms -- literally.

Video recorded by a doorbell camera appears to show the woman using some sort of material to grab the package, which was filled with superworms, the worm-like larvae of darkling beetles.

The video appears to show the accused thief being driven away in a van.

Police said she dumped the box in a trash can when she saw its contents.

"You can tell in the video she came up with the blue bag or tarp and tossed it right over the box, so she didn't even look," said Shelly Draves, who owns the home. "She was just looking for packages." %



Trish Luddy, who lives near Draves, said she wishes there were video of the thief's reaction when she realized what was in the package.

"You keep hearing of all these people getting packages stolen," she said. "We've had packages in the past that disappeared, and we don't know if they were lost by the post office or if someone took them."

Police said the woman will be charged with a felony if someone can identify her.

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