Report of men with guns on campus prompts lockdown of Windermere High School

Windermere High School was placed on lockdown about noon Wednesday after a report of a guns on campus, deputies said.  
Deputies said a parent received a text message saying, "There are guys in the bathrooms and hallways with guns in Windermere High School. We are afraid, please call 911 now." 
The lockdown was lifted about 2:30 p.m. and deputies said no gun was found. 
Deputies called the incident a “potentially violent situation" and began clearing the buildings as the students were moved to athletic fields.
Law enforcement from several agencies stormed the school with guns drawn. 
Parents rushed to the school to find out what was going on.
“I’m a bundle of nerves. I mean, this is the second time since the school opened they’ve had an incident there,” said parent Chrita Paulin.
Watch: Deputies search Windermere High School
Parents tried their best to teach their children on their cellphones, hoping to get answers.
“I would just love to find out what’s going on and say, ‘Hey, even if somebody does have a gun, I’ll take a bullet for my kid.’ I don’t care, just get my kid out of there,” said parent Sandra Kollman.
The school later posted on its Facebook page that all students and staff were safe, and that deputies were searching the school. 
“It’s tragic that our children have to go through this and they can’t go to school and now worry about whether they’re going to be able to come home safely,” Paulin said.
Although the heavy law enforcement presence is gone from the school, deputies said the investigation is ongoing.
If it turns out it was a hoax, the person involved could be punished.
The school was placed on lockdown in September due to a threat on social media.