• Report says Seminole deputy had subordinate take FDLE course for him to increase pay


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Channel 9 obtained an Internal Affairs report that shows a former Seminole County sheriff's lieutenant was demoted for saying he passed a Florida Department of Law Enforcement course when someone else allegedly did all the work for him.

    WFTV's Karla Ray found Michael Jay Laney has been demoted in the past only to work his way back up to lieutenant.

    The new Internal Affairs investigation accuses Laney of lying to make more money. The report claims Laney made a lower-ranking officer complete work for an FDLE course on his behalf so he could earn an extra $80 per month since September 2012.

    WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said Laney could be decertified.

    "The fact that he's now been caught cheating and lying should result in his termination, not just a demotion," said Sheaffer.

    Instead of being fired, Laney has been demoted to deputy.

    "What is it going to take for them to realize perhaps this is not an individual who is cut out to be a law enforcement officer,?" said Sheaffer.

    Laney's subordinate told Internal Affairs investigators she did the work on the clock because Laney "was my boss asking me to do something."

    The latest demotion wasn't the first in Laney's career. In 1990, Laney, who was working as an officer with the Oviedo Police Department, resigned after an incident with an off-duty Sanford officer.

    The report said Laney lied about a car accident he was in while off-duty at the Barn Dance Club in Sanford.

    Ten years later, Laney was suspended for a month from the Sheriff's Office for using his squad car for lunchtime dates with a Rachel's dancer he was investigating, Channel 9 learned.

    Laney's attorney did not return Channel 9's calls.

    It will be up to the FDLE whether Laney has to pay the money back and if he'll be allowed to continue being a deputy.

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